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3 Crucial steps to do with your back iPhone cracked

From the iPhone 8 to later models, the back side of the iPhone is made of glass which can easily result in the back of iPhone cracked. Then does it matter if the back of your iPhone is cracked and what to do with it? Let’s explore with Bonna Mobile 3 crucial steps with your back of iPhone crack that you shouldn’t miss.

1. Check your iPhone backglass damage status

If the back is cracked but still smooth, it should be fine. However, the water resistance might be compromised.

If you can feel and touch clearly the cracks on the back, you should get them replaced since they could cut on your hands and get water leak into the inner part.

Additionally, the wireless charging function may no longer work as expected. Therefore, you need to check the wireless charging if it still works before deciding to postpone servicing your device.

2. Research for price and place to fix the back of iPhone cracked

Apple stores and authorized service providers can replace your iPhone’s cracked rear panel.

First of all, check your insurance coverage if it’s under condition. If you have AppleCare+, you’ll only pay a service fee of $99. If you don’t have AppleCare+, you might have to pay an amount of money for this from $349-$599 depending on your iPhone model.

The cost of the iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 14 might be lower compared to the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series which is about under $199. This is because Apple is now using a different method for manufacturing these specific devices, making them much easier and less expensive to repair. However, these practices weren’t implemented with the iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Besides, you can try many local phone repair shops with this service but at a more affordable price. Making a Google search nearby your place, as well as quality and trust from customer reviews can lead you to a good shop with a good price.

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3. Protect your new backglass with accessories

The expenses for these are much smaller compared to repairing or replacing your phone’s backglass. So don’t hesitate to try applying these essential accessories on your phone:

Apply back tempered glass

Similar to a screen protector, back tempered glass is a guard for your rear glass when it contacts other surfaces. They are thin and transparent coverings that fit over your back screen. It helps to reduce the chance of the backglass cracking or scratching by hard stuff.

Put on a protective case

backglass replacement iphone

Whether your backglass has been cracked or not, you should use a protective phone cover to prevent those unexpected incidents. TPU protective covers help absorb shocks from falls and drops, which prevents any serious damage from happening to your phone from the rear surface.

Despite the back of iPhone cracked, putting a back cover can prevent your hand from getting cut or scraped by the glass shards.

At Bonna Mobile, we offer branded phone cases with sleek designs and sustainable materials that help to protect your backglass such as:

1. TECH21 EVO CLEAR: High-quality phone case with 3.6meters impact protection, built-in hygiene protection, and crystal clear transparency

2. OTTERBOX DEFENDER: Multi-layer defense phone case, port protection, 4x as many drops as military standard

3. LIFEPROOF- WATERPROOF: Built-in screen cover for 360 protection, waterproof to 2 meters for 1 hour, drop-proof from 2 meters

And the others types of cases with different functions like TECH21 EVO CLEAR WITH MagSafe, silicon case,…

defender phone case

Protect your Camera

There are special cases for cameras called camera lens protectors. You can consider applying this accessory to keep your camera intact in any cases

camera lens protector

Get your phone repaired and protected by professionals at Bonna Mobile

Backglass damage is not something we should dare to try with its tiny puzzle piece of glass.

Even if you are able to remove all of the broken glass back, there are still a lot of things to go for the replacement. In addition, it may cause more damage and complications to other devices’ components. Thus, you should pay for skilled professionals to have it repaired or replaced with the best safety.

Are you holding your back of iPhone cracked? If you want to get the highest quality service at the lowest cost, Bonna Mobile is ready to serve you with:

  • Cracked glass removal without marring or solvents.
  • The new, original glass was installed with a watertight seal.
  • Done in about 1-2 hours

Whether you’re using Apple, Samsung or Google mobile, contact us now to repair your mobile the soonest!

Bonna Mobile – Phone repairs shop at Kiosk 001, 620 Victoria Street, Richmond, Melbourne

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