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7 Best Phone Case Brands to Protect your Mobile

There are plenty of phone case brands to choose from these days, each offering different levels of style, functionality, and protection for your device. You can easily find them on social media, e-commerce or retail stores. However, among the numerous phone cases out there, which are the best phone case brands for you to put on the list? Here are some of the best phone case brands that Bonna Mobile recommends for getting the ultimate shield and style for your phone.

What to look for in the best phone case brands?

Before getting to choose or trying some famous phone case brands, you should consider some additional points regarding your demands for protection:

  • Material – Look at what materials the cases are made of. Hard plastic cases offer the most durability and drop protection but are bulkier. TPU and silicone cases are softer and more flexible, offering good grip and decent protection. Hybrid cases with both hard and soft materials provide the best balance of protection and slimness.
  • Shock absorption – Some brands utilize impact-absorbing technologies like Air Cushion, Gelon, Flexus, etc. They cushion impact and reduce shock that can damage internal components. These types of cases provide better overall protection against drops and collisions.
  • Drop rating – Some case brands will explicitly state the maximum drop height their cases are tested to withstand, like 10 feet, 12 feet or even 16 feet. Higher drop ratings generally mean better protection.
  • Wireless charging – Check if the phone case is compatible with wireless charging, as some thicker or metallic cases can interfere. This is more important for rugged cases.
  • Screen protection – If necessary, look for cases with raised bezels and lips to protect phone screens from abrasion, scratches and face-down impacts. Hybrid cases usually offer the most screen shielding.
  • Accessibility – Consider if the case provides easy access to buttons, switches and ports so you’re not always removing it to charge your phone or swap out SIM cards. Slimmer cases tend to be more accessible.
  • Value – Compare costs for the level of protection offered. Higher price tags don’t always mean better protection or value. Read reviews and compare multiple options.

Now, let’s go through some best phone case brands to protect your mobile!

best phone case brands for protection

Best phone case brands for protection

1. Tech21

This brand is known for creating drop-tested, military-grade phone cases that offer up to 16 feet of drop protection. Their cases utilize flexible Impact Shield technology that absorbs and disperses shock during falls and impacts. They offer slim cases as well as tough “Flex” cases for extra protection. Cases range from $15-$50 depending on the model.

2. OtterBox

OtterBox is one of the top names in rugged phone cases, known for their Defender, Commuter, and Symmetry series cases. They use a multi-layer design with an inner slipcover, silicone outer cover, and plastic shell to protect against drops of up to 10 feet. OtterBox cases are very bulky and offer the highest levels of drop protection for around $50-$80 per case.

3. LifeProof

LifeProof cases are designed to be fully waterproof, dirtproof and drop-proof. Their cases can be submerged up to 6.6 feet for up to 30 minutes. Besides phone cases, they offer various water-resistant headphone jack plugs and accessories as well. LifeProof cases cost between $50-$100, depending on the model and level of protection needed.

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4. Case-Mate

Case-Mate offers a wide selection of slim-fitting and stylish case options at affordable prices. They have models ranging from basic bumper cases to more protective dual-layer and rugged cases. Case-Mate also has a large selection of fun, colorful cases with patterns, wild animal prints, and glitter finishes. Prices range from $30-$40 depending on the style and level of protection.

5. Spigen

Spigen is known for their ultra-thin, lightweight cases that still provide great protection. Despite being slim, their cases have raised bezels to protect screens and camera lenses from drops and scratches. They utilize shock-absorbing Air Cushion and Flexus technologies in their cases. Spigen cases tend to cost between $19-$40.

6. GooSpery

GooSpery offers cases made from military-grade TPU and PC materials with dual layers of protection against drops of up to 10 feet. They offer a wide variety of simple, minimalist cases with refined designs at affordable prices. Many of their cases are slim-fitting yet surprisingly durable. GooSpery case prices range from $15-$22 depending on the model and features.

7. Pelican

Pelican is a reputable brand for durability, ruggedness and protection. Their cases are slim five-layer that protects your smartphone and its screen from scratches, impacts and drops up to 18 feet. Most of Pelican’s cases are tested to Military Specifications to survive multiple drops. Moreover, Pelican is also well-known for a wide range of different styles of cases from slim to rugged and waterproof options. They offer Samsung, Apple, Google, LG, etc. phone cases with a lifetime guarantee. Pelican cases cost around $20-$40.

The best phone case brand for you depends on your preferred balance of style, protection and price. Higher-priced cases from brands like Tech21, Otterbox and LifeProof offer the most rugged protection against drops and water, while more affordable brands like Case-Mate, Spigen and GooSesry provide decent levels of shielding at lower prices.

Consider the level of protection you need, how bulky a case you want, and your budget to determine the perfect phone case brand for you! Looking for the above phone cases in Melbourne? Visit Bonna Mobile to get official ones for your loved phone.

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