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Pros & Cons of iPhone Camera lens protector – Should you apply?

iPhone Camera has been one of its major selling points of Apple. It’s also one of the expected improvements when Apple introduces a new iPhone model. Then should we wear a camera lens protector to protect our iphone from scratches and damage? Get to know all about an iphone camera lens protector and its pros and cons when applying it on our mobile through this article!

I. What Is a Camera Lens Protector for Iphone?

As we can see, the latest versions of the iPhone reflect the most visual improvements in the camera lens of the phones. From the iPhone X to iPhones 11, 12, 13 or 14, it reveals that the camera lenses have gotten bigger and ordered in a very different way compared to the older models.

The new designs of the camera bulging from the back cover make us think it may incur damage, scratches or cling more dust, which results in poor-quality images. That’s when the demand for camera lens protectors for Iphone booms.

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Similar to a screen protector, a camera lens protector is a guard for a phone’s camera lens. They are thin and transparent coverings made from either glass or plastic that fit over camera lenses. Lens protectors are installed to reduce the chance of the camera lens cracking or scratching by hard stuff.

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II. Pros and Cons of applying a Camera Lens Protector on iPhone

1. Pros

Affordable Price

The most beneficial point of this little thing is its affordable price. We’re sure you don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for iPhone camera repair rather than some dollars to buy a camera protector.

Shock, Scratch and Dust Resistant

Camera is the part that accesses most other surfaces. Imagine the fingerprint, dirt or sand, ink, makeup, soap,… gripping on your camera while you’re using your phone during the day. To prevent those troubles and save your time hard cleaning the camera lens, wearing a protector is literally a good idea.

Easy to Install

Just by a few simple steps, you can install and uninstall the camera lens protector by yourself when you need to replace a new one. Super easy and convenient!

2. Cons

Of all those Pros, does a camera lens protector have any issues, and what are its cons?

Affect Photo Quality

Whether it’s much or not, applying an extra glass layer onto your camera’s back can impact the final picture quality. Based on the quality and type of lens protector, it may cause differences in colors or sharpness of the photo compared to the bare iPhone camera.

camera lens protector for iphone

Unclear Efficiency

Camera phone lenses are protected by a Gorilla Glass or synthetic sapphire flat glass disc. They are very scratch-resistant and more durable than other parts of the mobile, which are the least likely part of the phone to break or scratch. Therefore, we barely see the efficiency of wearing a camera lens protector for your iPhone, but it’s a recommendation if you’re clumsy.

If you are still looking for other tips to protect the camera lens of your iPhone, check out the following ways.


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III. How to Protect Your iPhone Camera Lens

Besides using a camera lens protector, there are several ways you can proceed to protect your iPhone from scratches. Here are a few ways to invest in the longevity of your iPhone’s camera lens.

Use a protective phone cover

TPU protective covers help distribute and absorb shocks from falls and drops, which prevents any serious damage from happening to your phone.

Besides, TPU phone covers with raised edges around the sides of the camera help to prevent scratches to your camera when you place your iPhone face up on a hard surface.

Regular clean your camera

Regular cleaning is a way to protect your camera from dust clinging to your camera for a long time. Moreover, this helps to maintain your photo quality by removing dirt from different surfaces while you’re using your phone during the day. Notice that only clean with a microfiber cloth or cotton and avoid using cleaning products or compressed air.


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Taking pictures is one of the most regular activities we spend with our mobile. We hope the above information can give you useful solutions to take care of your mobile camera lens. If it’s still not working properly, meet our experienced technicians at Bonna Mobile and have your camera repaired or replaced at the most affordable price and fast service.

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