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Can’t connect to wifi? Make sure you’ve done this to your device

There are many issues that might be the reason making your device can’t connect to wifi. Most of the time we switch on and off our wifi slider on our phone or just simply plug a modem or router back. However, we can do several ways to troubleshoot common network connection problems. Read this article to figure out how to fix the right internet problems happening to your phone making it can’t connect to wifi.

1. Common Wi-Fi network issues

To find out what problems your wifi network is causing, check these potential issues to get the most time-saving solution on your own:

  • Unplugged router: The router is a means to direct traffic between your internet service and the devices. It might be moved or affected sometimes when being placed in your room by other by chance external factors, in which a power cut is also one. To make sure it’s working, simply unplug, wait a few seconds and plug your router back.
  • Connecting another network: Though your device typically connects right to your network, it may be trying to connect to a different stronger network. All you need to do is forget that one and manually connect to your home network.
  • Old wifi password: When your phone can’t connect to wifi networks after a while, it’s mostly because the passwords have been changed. Make sure you’re entering the correct and latest one.
  • Errored app/browser: Even Facebook or Instagram occasionally update their system or have a down server. Make sure to check if other apps or websites are working as normal.
  • Weak signal area: One of the common issues of your internet network is that your signal is not strong enough to reach all corners of your house. This may especially happen when your area is too spacious and it has to go through concrete walls or solid obstacles. To solve this, you can move your router to the area where you need to use your device most regularly. The second way is that use a WiFi extender, which can boost your signal and help it spread out better.
  • Disrupted Internet Service: There are times when internet service providers (ISPs) can go down on occasion in general. However, this is not what’s in your control. It’s frustrating that you may need to report it to your provider and wait until it’s restored.
can't connect to wifi router

2. How to fix your phone can't connect to wifi

If doing the above guides doesn’t help and you’re still wondering “why won’t my phone connect to wifi”, check out the following extra steps on your phone:

1. Make sure your Wi-Fi button is on

The wifi function on your device may be off when it’s in Airplane mode or you turn it off during focus working time.

Go to Settings > Wi-Fi and make sure that Wi-Fi is on. If not, tap your Wi-Fi network to join until the blue checkmark appears, which means that you’re connected.

If asked for a password, enter the right one or else there will be an “incorrect password” message popping up.

phone won't connect to wifi

2. Restart your phone

Restarting can’t solve everything but it’s the simplest way worth trying. Especially when there are necessary software updates waiting for you to install, restarting your phone can clear glitches and help it reconnect. This is also recommended by Apple when your phone won’t connect to wifi.

3. Reset your network settings

If your phone still can’t connect to wifi, then it’s time to do a resetting. In the Settings app, go to “General Management.” There, tap “Reset.”

If you’re using iOS or iPadOS 15 or later, go to Settings > General > Reset.

There you’ll see 3 options to notice:

  • “Reset Network Settings”: This clears away all your network and Bluetooth settings. Your phone will restart, after that try connecting to Wi-Fi again.
  • “Reset Settings”: This option will erase all your custom settings, as well as any ringtones you’ve changed — However, your apps, pictures, and other personal data are safe.
  • “Factory Data Reset”: This will erase everything on the phone, and return it to its default conditions – This will delete all your data, so be careful before choosing this and we suggest this only when you’ve tried the 2 options above.

If nothing else has worked, perhaps there is a problem with your device, not your wifi network. It’s better to ask for help from professionals on your phone. Contact Bonna Mobile to get your phone repaired in Melbourne right now.


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