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Green Line on Phone Screen: Fast Check!

Phones are known to develop issues over time due to everyday wear as well as dropping and impacts. One of the more common problems is seeing green lines or dots appear on the phone’s screen, which can be frustrating and affect your phone usage. Luckily, there are several potential solutions you can try to fix the green line on phone screen. Let’s find out in the article below with Bonna Mobile.

Why Is There a Green Dot on My Phone Screen?

There are a few common reasons why your phone screen may start showing green lines or dots. Those green line on phone screen issues may come across smartphone manufacturers, including Samsung, OnePlus, OPPO, Realme, Vivo, iQOO, Xiaomi, Motorola, and HUAWEI. Even Apple can meet that matter, indicating that the issue is less likely to be of software origin and more likely to be originating from a hardware defect. Besides, the screen is undoubtedly cracked if several other colors follow the green line, which leads by some reasons:

1. LCD issues:

One common cause is physical damage to the LCD screen itself. If the LCD panel has been cracked, dented, or bent, it can damage the wiring inside and cause green line on phone screen to appear.

  • Loose LCD cable connection – The LCD cable connects the phone’s display to the motherboard and provides power and signal to the screen. If this cable becomes loose over time due to flexing and twisting, it can cause random green lines to appear.
  • Faulty LCD cable – In some cases, the LCD cable itself may be damaged, preventing the proper signal and power from reaching parts of the screen, resulting in green distortions.
  • LCD panel issues- The LCD panel that makes up the phone’s display can develop issues that cause certain areas to only show green. This is often due to impact damage or a defective part.

2. Software/Hardware glitch

On rare occasions, a green screen phone has been caused by a software glitch. A corrupt OS file, app glitch, or system update error could cause the phone’s display driver to malfunction and produce the green lines, that can be fixed with an OS or firmware update.

So in most cases, the green line on phone screen indicate either a loose or faulty cable connection, damage to the display itself, or a software and hardware issue within the phone. Understanding the root cause will help determine the best fix.

phone green screen

What are the Solutions for Green Line on Phone Screen?

Once you’ve identified the likely cause of your phone’s green screen, here are a few options to try and get them fixed:

Restart your phone

The simplest solution is often a restart. Turn your phone all the way off and then power it back on. This refreshes your phone’s software and can sometimes clear up glitches that cause green lines.

Factory Reset your phone

If a simple restart doesn’t work, doing a full factory data reset may help. This will wipe all data and settings from your phone and reinstall the OS and apps. Green lines caused by software issues, corrupt files, or app conflicts could potentially be resolved through a full factory reset. Make sure to back up any important data before performing a factory reset.

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Update your iOS to the latest version

Updating your phone’s software to the most recent OS version can potentially patch bugs that cause green lines. Apple regularly releases updates that fix display issues and driver problems on all iPhone models. Attempting a software update after restarting and resetting your phone may resolve the visual artifacts.

Reseat or Replace the LCD Cable

In this case, the solution is to tighten or reseat the LCD cable that connects to the display and motherboard. If that doesn’t work, you may need a replacement LCD cable which is a fairly easy DIY repair or a job for a technician. If your LCD panel itself is faulty or damaged, the green lines likely won’t go away until you replace the LCD display. This requires full disassembly of your phone’s back and is a heavier repair.

Software or Firmware Update

If a software glitch is causing the issue, an OS or firmware update may be enough to solve it. Try connecting your phone to a computer and updating the software through the manufacturer’s tools.

Get it Repaired by a Professional

green screen phone

As a last resort, if the screen issues persist, your motherboard itself may be faulty and need to be replaced. This is the most involved fix that often requires professional tech assistance. They will properly diagnose and fix the green lines for a reasonable fee. Just make sure to research repair shops properly first.

In summary, fixing green lines on your phone screen usually comes down to reseating loose connections, replacing faulty cables or parts, or in extreme cases, replacing the entire motherboard. For simple solutions, you can try most fixes at home yourself. But if the issue is more complicated, having a professional look at your phone is a good next step.

By understanding the cause and utilizing the solutions above, you have a good chance of resolving the annoying green distortions and restoring your phone screen to normal functioning. We hope this helps when you’re facing malfunctions in your mobile phone. If you’re looking for skilled and trusted professionals for the green line on phone screen repair, contact Bonna Mobile right now for fast and affordable service!

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