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How to clear cache on iPhone to incredibly improve speed

We all use hours on our smartphones for entertainment, work or life activities. That’s the chance for our phone potentially access and save cache and cookies, which negatively impact its storage. Cache can clog when we use the browser and slow the device’s performance. Then what is cache and how to clear cache on iPhone? Get to know through this article with Bonna Mobile!

What is cache?

Cache is the temporary storage of some data from a website, browser, or app that is stored on your phone during a browser session. It helps the browser perform or load faster the next time you visit that page.

For example, a cache data stores information that keeps you logged into websites so you don’t need to sign in every time you visit a site. However, cache data can slow down your phone’s browsing performance since it takes up storage space in your device after visiting a lot of websites or using various apps.

Moreover, doing so can also help mitigate cybersecurity risks, because your cache can contain data that can potentially compromise your privacy and security.

To help your device run smoothly, it’s better to clear it out regularly.

Therefore, clearing the cache will likely log you out of any websites or apps, asking you to sign in again. To get how to clear cache on iPhone, follow our guidance below.

How to clear cache on iPhone

There are several places you need to reach to clear all unnecessary data stored in your phone, which lies the most in your Browser and Apps.

Clear App cache

To clear the cache for your iPhone apps, you’ll need to offload them. Doing so helps to free up storage by temporarily removing the apps while still keeping their documents and data. When you reinstall the app, your data will be recovered. To offload the apps, the following:

Open Settings > Tap General > Select iPhone Storage

Here the list of your apps will appear after a while, there are 2 options you can choose from:

– Offload Unused Apps: Tapping Enable will let your iPhone automatically offload apps that you haven’t used in a while.
– Manually offload your apps: Choose the app you want to clear > Tap Offload App and confirm.

If you prefer to delete the app instead, Tap the Delete App and the app’s data from your iPhone will be permanently deleted.

Is clearing the cache different from offloading?

Clearing the cache removes stored data that helps websites and apps open faster while offloading temporarily uninstalls apps without deleting the documents and data associated with that app. However, both ways can help speed up iPhones that are slowed down by low storage.

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Clear Browser cache

how to clean iphone memory

Visiting a single website can even cause your browser to store cookies and other data that consume the phone’s storage space, and it can sit on your device indefinitely. That’s why you need to regularly clear the cache on browsers though you’re using Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, or else.

Then how to clear cache on iPhone’s browser? All you need to do is simply open Settings > Find your Browser app > Tap Clear History/Website Data/Browsing Data/Private Data based on the browser setting. We’ll take Safari as an example:

1. Go to Settings

2. Select Safari

3. Scroll down until you find a button for Clear History and Website Data.

4. Confirm by pressing Clear History and Data

Over time, iPhones might slow down as they get clogged up with huge files and apps. By getting how to clear cache on iPhone with the easy steps above, don’t forget to regularly clean and give your phone free space.

If you’ve tried but there are still problems with your device, reach us now to get your mobile repaired in a blast of an eye.

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