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Water damage and how to get water out of your phone correctly!

Phone water damage can happen whenever we use it during the day while we’re on a rainy street, during a shower, or drop it down on a wet surface,… However, we still suppose it to be dried by a hairdryer.

Usually, the water damage can make your phone dead right away or get worse later. Because gradually the water may go further into the phone and damage other inner parts. Let’s find out how to get water out of your phone correctly!

1. Symptoms that your phone gets water damage

In the worst cases, a mobile phone can power off and not be able to restart when dropped into the water. Nevertheless, a phone with slight water damage has these signs:

  • Blurry photos due to the moistured camera lens
  • Water drops under the phone screen
  • Unclear or no audio
  • Rust outer & inner parts
  • Unable to charge
  • Distorted display images
  • Water seeping from the phone’s edges

Water can leak into all different parts of your device, including behind the screen, inside the battery, speaker and in the charging port.

If you’re noticing these “symptoms” in your phone, pay attention and fix it by following our advice below to know how to get water out of your phone.

2. Dos and Don’ts on how to get water out of your phone

2.1. Do this to your phone

When finding out your phone is in water-damaged danger, don’t forget to apply these tips right away to save your phone:

  • Turn off the device immediately.
  • Wipe the phone with dry paper or towels.
  • Remove the SIM card, battery & other accessories.
  • Dry out the phone in front of a fan or turn on the dehumidifier in the room.
  • Place your phone and other parts in an airtight container full of silica gel packets (those small packets attached inside new shoes and bags). This help absorbs moisture.
  • Wait for 12-48 hours to give it sufficient time to dry out before using it.

If doing the above steps doesn’t help and you’re still stuck with a dead phone, don’t try opening the phone yourself but take it to a professional.

how to fix water damage phone

2.2. Do not do this to your phone

In reverse, doing the below can push your mobile into further malfunctions:

  • Using a hot blow dryer on your phone which can wreck the rubber seals, damage the screen and let the water go further into your phone.
  • Try to press the button.
  • Charge the phone when it’s not dry yet.
  • Bring it out under the sun and high-heated place.

3. Bonus tips for a soaking-wet phone

Normally, the phone speaker and charging port are the parts that get affected the most by water damage. Make sure you’ve applied the following essential things to it as soon as possible.

3.1. How to get water out of your phone speaker

If the water gets into your phone speakers, try doing these tips:

  • Use a cotton pad and gently swab the area around the speakers.
  • Place it upright to dry out, with the speakers facing downward. This helps excess water to come out.

3.2. How to get water out of your phone charging port

Here are the steps to help you remove water from a phone’s charging port:

  1. Turn off the device.
  2. Take the case off your phone.
  3. Pad and dry the device with a dry, absorbent towel.
  4. Let your phone sit and dry out, with open ports facing down to drip the water out.

One more thing you should know about your phone water damage is that the service for the liquid damage to an iPhone or iPod device isn’t covered by the Apple One-Year Limited Warranty.

Therefore, if you need water damage repair for your iPhone, there are many local phone repair shops that you can try with faster service and cheaper prices.

phone water damage repair

Bonna Mobile offers fast and professional liquid, water damage repair for all models including Apple, Google and Samsung.

Is your phone being impaired by water damage? Or you’ve tried all actions but it’s still dead? Make a booking now or come to us at Victoria Gardens Shopping Centre, Richmond, Melbourne (kiosk 001)

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