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How To Make Your Phone Charge Faster: 7 Simple Tips and Tricks

We all stare at our red battery icon while desperately waiting for hours to be fully charged. Charging a smartphone can seem slow at times, but there are actually a number of simple things you can do to speed up the process. This article provides some common reasons for slow charging and 7 tips on how to make your phone charge faster and get it back to 100% quickly. Get to know with Bonna Mobile!

Identify the reasons for slow charging

Before getting to do anything, check out the reasons to apply the most suitable solutions for your smartphone.

  • Charging Accessories & Parts: Coming from using a low-power charger, old or damaged charging cable, blocked charging port, etc. Over time, charging accessories can fray or become damaged which reduces their ability to carry full power to the phone.
  • Charging Habit: Coming from our daily routine of using mobile phones. Those can be having lots of apps running in the background, using them while charging, wearing a phone case in the process, placing them under too cold or overheated conditions, etc.
  • Worn-out Battery – As a battery ages and goes through many charge cycles, it loses capacity and charges more slowly. Over time, batteries need to be replaced to charge at the original speeds. In this case, you can’t do any tips on your own but get a battery replacement.
how to make phone charge faster

Tips on how to make your phone charge faster

What’s the fastest way to charge your phone? Following our simple tips and tricks you can do to optimize and have the fastest charging phone routine:

1. Reduce screen brightness

One of the quickest and easiest ways how to make your phone charge faster is to turn down screen brightness. Bright screens use more power and cause the battery to drain faster, so turning down the brightness even a small amount can have a positive effect on charge times. Dim your screen to under 50% brightness while charging to see a difference.

2. Turn on Airplane mode

Airplane mode disables key functions like WiFi, Bluetooth, and data that drain your battery even while charging and not using your phone. Putting your phone in Airplane mode forces it to divert all available power to charge the battery, so charge times will improve noticeably. Once your phone is charged to your desired level, simply turn Airplane mode off.

3. Use a faster charger

If you’re still using the charger that came with your phone, it’s time for an upgrade. Newer, faster chargers can cut charge times in half for most smartphones. Look for a charger that supports Quick Charge (for Android phones) or Fast Charge (Apple). These high-speed chargers will give your charging experience to a new level.

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4. Keep it cool and free to charge

Phone cases, especially bulky ones, can make it more difficult for your charger to make an adequate connection. Also, those cases can even make your phone overheat in its sturdy form. Therefore, remember to remove your case, and take it to a cool ambiance surface while charging.

5. Use a Wall Socket

If possible, plug your charger directly into an outlet rather than a laptop, a car or else. This is because of the low amperage (0.5A) that car and computer ports provide compared to a wall socket (1A), which makes charging slower.

In terms of fast charging wireless phone charger, though it’s great and convenient, it usually offers a considerably slower charging experience than its wired counterpart. Therefore, if you put the charging speed on priority, go for a wall socket.

fastest charging phone

6. Close tabs and apps

Before plugging in to charge, force close any open apps and tabs in your browser to provide maximum power to the battery. Closing unnecessary apps allows your phone to dedicate every available resource to recharging the battery as quickly as possible.

7. Turn it Off or Put it Aside

For the absolute fastest charge, turn your phone completely off before plugging it in. When powered down, your phone can divert 100% of the charger’s output to recharge the battery. However, this may not always be practical – so at least try to avoid using your phone while it’s charging.

Hopefully, these tips are useful if you’re wondering how to make your phone charge faster and get back to using it sooner! If doing the above tips can’t help but keep the battery draining fast, maybe it needs a check by professionals.

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