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Top 4 ways how to recover deleted messages on iPhone

In the numerous amount of messages and spam arriving in our message box every day, we may accidentally delete an important conversation. Then how to recover deleted messages on iPhone? If you’re using an iPhone, you can probably get those messages back if you take action quickly before they disappear. Don’t panic, read the following tips and tricks on how to see deleted messages on an iPhone and retrieve them with Bonna Mobile.

How to see deleted messages on iPhone

If you’ve updated to iOs 16, the iPhone and other Apple products have a feature that gives you access to see and recover deleted messages. This is the step-by-step guide:

1. Open the Messages app.

2. Tap “Edit” in the top left of the screen. If you have message filtering on, choose “Filters” in the top left instead.

3. Select “Recently Deleted” at the bottom line of the list.

This will show all of the deleted conversations you’ve made in the last 30 days. The more recent ones will be at the top, while older ones are toward the bottom. see deleted messages on iphone

How to recover deleted messages on iPhone

1. Retrieve deleted messages on iOs 16

As mentioned above, be informed that this step will not work on the older iOs version so you can skip to the next tips. With iOs 16, how to recover deleted messages on iPhone is to choose the conversation you want to retrieve in the list following the above part. You can select one or multiple conversations at once.

Tap “Recover” in the bottom right of the screen. A pop-up will open to get your confirmation. Select “Recover [number of] Messages” to confirm the retrieval. After this action, the conversation will be sent back to “All Messages” right in the original position you deleted it.

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2. Retrieve deleted messages using backups on iPhone

2.1. Use iCloud

If your iPhone is already set to back up to iCloud, the most recent backup is a perfect choice to help you to recover deleted messages. However, this means that your iPhone will be reverted back to the state when you made that backup. Thus, you might lose some later data. If you’ve decided to use the iCloud backup, this is how to do it:

First of all, reset your iPhone factory:

1. Open the Settings app > Tap [Your Name] at the top of the screen.

2. Select iCloud > Tap iCloud Backup to check if your iPhone has been backed up recently.

3. Back to Settings menu > General > Scroll down to the bottom and tap “Transfer or Reset iPhone”, the display text is depending on what iOS version you’re on.

5. Tap “Erase All Content and Settings” > “Continue” to complete the process.

It will take a few minutes to reset to factory conditions. After that, you’ll be greeted with the iPhone’s initial welcome screen like a new buy one. All you need to do is go through the first few steps to the “Apps & Data” screen, here choose “Restore from iCloud Backup”.

When you sign into iCloud to access your backups, choose the backup before you deleted the text messages you want to retrieve.

2.2. Use Itunes or Finder

If you don’t back up your iPhone using iCloud but on a PC or Mac instead, you can try restoring your iPhone with that backup by connecting to the computer. Use iTunes if you have Windows, or Finder if you’re on a Mac. This way is useful when you have iOS 16 but deleted your messages more than 30 days ago, or you don’t have iOS 16 and your texts were not backup on iCloud.

Here’s how to recover deleted messages on iPhone with iTunes or Finder:

1. Disable “Find My iPhone” (Be informed that you cannot restore a Finder or iTunes backup while Find My iPhone is on, since this is meant to prevent someone from restoring a stolen iPhone with their backups).

2. Connect your iPhone to your computer and open iTunes or Finder

3. Find the phone icon or your phone’s name in iTunes or Finder under “Locations”

4. Click “Restore Backup” and your deleted texts will automatically reappear on your phone. If they don’t, it means your backup didn’t include these texts.

This process can take a few minutes if you have a lot of data to be restored. Congratulations if you recover the deleted messages successfully. If you, unfortunately, can’t get it, continue to try the other tips somehow.

recover deleted messages on messenger iphone

3. Retrieve Deleted Text Messages Using Third-Party Apps

If the simple guides above don’t work on your iPhone, some third-party apps out there may help you recover deleted messages from your iPhone. However, using third-party apps may be quite risky in terms of legitimacy and security.

Some of the popular apps with positive reviews are PhoneRescue, WonderShare, etc.

Make sure to research and check out the real reviews of users carefully to help you evaluate it before using it.

4. Ask your cellular service providers

If all else that you can do on your own fails, the only last way how to recover deleted messages on iPhone that you can resort is reaching out to your phone carrier. Occasionally, some service providers have access to a backup of your messages and call if it has not yet been updated. Therefore, try calling the providers as soon as possible to get help from technical supporters if they have the possibility to do so.

Those are the best ways how to recover deleted messages on iPhone we can suggest to help you! If you need any repair for your phone software or hardware issues in Melbourne, contact us now.


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