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All you should know on how to reset factory settings on iPhone

Factory reset or also known as hard reset is wiping all your personal information from your iPhone. Normally, resetting factory settings is recommended when you want to sell or give away your old iPhone. Then how it works on your data and how to reset factory settings on iPhone? Go with Bonna Mobile through this article to ensure the way to reset the factory without losing your data.

1. All about iPhone reset factory settings

What does a factory reset do to your iPhone?

Factory reset deletes completely all data and settings from your iPhone. This includes all your photos, videos, contacts, passwords, messages, browsing history, installed apps, notes, etc., making your iPhone a whole new device. They say doing this is useful when you need to give away or sell your old iPhone since it ensures your personal information doesn’t reach strangers.

But do you wonder, does a factory reset deletes everything? If yes, then is it recoverable by any means?

What remains on iPhone after a factory reset?

As mentioned above, all of your personal information and apps will disappear. However, the original iOS applications pre-installed by Apple still remain on the device after a factory reset, which includes the Camera, iMessage, FaceTime, Clock, Calculator, Calendar, etc. But any data saved in these apps get deleted.

Does factory reset delete data from iCloud and iTunes backup?

The factory reset only deletes data from your device but iCloud or iTunes backup.

The iCloud backup files are stored in Apple’s cloud servers, which won’t be affected when your device is reset. Similarly, your iTunes backup files are saved on your PC or Mac drive.

That’s why before wondering how to reset factory settings on iPhone, a backup for important iPhone photos, videos, contacts, etc., in iCloud or iTunes is recommended.

What does a Factory reset do to a jailbroken iPhone?

What’s with a jailbroken iPhone? Jailbreaking removes the software restrictions imposed by Apple. It allows you to install software that is not available in the App Store, without legitimacy.

If you factory reset jailbroken iPhone, the jailbreak software will be deleted completely. As a result, all the apps installed are also removed. Thus, a factory reset brings your device completely back to the original version.

Can you recover your data after a factory reset?

It’s a piece of good news if you regret your factory reset but a bad one if someone can access your personal information. Although a factory reset makes the data on iPhone erased and inaccessible, it is still recoverable by using recovery tools.

However, there are softwares to permanently wipe iPhone data by overwriting it multiple times. It is an advanced iPhone data eraser software that ensures your photos, videos, recordings, passcodes, etc., is deleted permanently.

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2. How to reset factory settings on iPhone

We’ll go through a complete process you should apply on how to reset factory settings on iPhone. After you’ve backed up your data and turned off iCloud and Find My iPhone, you’re ready to get started.

1. Backup your data

In case you need your important data and don’t want to regret it, it’s crucial to back up your data.

There are three ways to back up data: using iTunes, Finder, or iCloud.

Back up to iTunes

To back up to iTunes, connect the phone to your computer and follow these steps:

Find the Device tab in iTunes > Choose Summary > Select This Computer > Click Back Up Now to make it.

If you want to back up passwords, Wi-Fi settings, website history, and health data, tick the checkbox Encrypt local backup and create a new password then back up.

Back up Using Finder

If you’re using Mac running macOS Catalina (10.15) or higher, use Finder instead of iTunes. To back up, connect the iPhone to your Mac, open Finder, select the iPhone in the left-screen Devices menu. The rest steps remain the same for iTunes. In the General tab, choose whether you want to back up your data to iCloud or store it on your Mac, then back up.

Back up to iCloud

To back up to iCloud by your iPhone, go to Settings > Tab [your name] > Choose iCloud > Roll down to iCloud Backup, then start a backup.

iphone reset factory settings

2. Disable Find My/iCloud

Before you can restore a backup to an iPhone, the Find My iPhone feature needs to be disabled.

Why? Find My iPhone is a function that allows you to keep your data and device protected. When your phone is stolen or misplaced, you may use this tool to keep track of it. It will not let anyone to use the device unless the right Apple ID logins are entered. That’s why you need to turn off Find My if you want your device to let you restore a backup.

1. Go to Settings > Tap your name.

2. Tap iCloud > Find My iPhone > Find My iPhone. (On iOS 13 and later, skip iCloud and just tap Find My.)

4. Toggle the Find My iPhone slider to off.

5. Go back to your Name’s page > Scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap Sign Out.

3. Do the Factory reset

reset factory settings on iphone

After making sure that you’re already with the above preparation, follow these steps on how to reset factory settings on iPhone:

1. Navigate to Settings > Scroll down and tap General.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and tap Transfer and Reset iPhone.

3. On the Reset screen, tap Erase All Content and Settings.

The screen displays a warning that all your personal data will be erased, tap Continue to reset (If you don’t want to restore the phone right now, tap Not now)

It takes a few minutes to delete everything from the iPhone. When the process is done, the iPhone will automatically restart and be reset to its original settings.

It’s all about how to reset factory settings on iPhone that you should know. We hope you gained the best knowledge and preparation before choosing to erase all your data. If you need any help with phone repair in Melbourne, book an appointment to meet our professionals now.

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