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Best tips and tricks you should know on ios 16. How to update it?

Released on September 12, 2022, the iOS 16 update came with several new features which transformed the overall look of iOS devices. Even though iOS 16 doesn’t change the way you interact with your iPhone, it definitely makes you more productive and interested with its new features in both user experience and aesthetics. Some of the new features are hard to find and others are turned off by default so you may not know they exist. Find out with us all about the best tips and tricks of iOS 16 features and how to update it!

Best tips and tricks on ios 16 new features

1. Messages

The new updates on ios 16 surely elevate your experience to the next level with its all‑new personalization features and deeper intelligence in different apps such as messages, mail, photos,…

Edit a message

You can edit a message for up to 15 minutes after sending it. However, recipients are also able to see a record of edits made to the message.

Undo send

Unsend any message for up to two minutes after sending it.

Mark as unread

Similar to the Meta messengers app, you can mark messages as unread when you don’t have time to respond but want to be sure to reply to the sender later.

Recover recently deleted messages

You can recover recently deleted messages for up to 30 days after deleting them.

2. Mail

Missing recipients and attachments

You’ll get notified if you forget to include an important part of your message, like an attachment or a recipient.

Undo send

Less risky when you can easily unsend an email message that you just sent before it reaches the recipient’s inbox.

Scheduled send

Now that you can also schedule an email to be sent at the perfect moment you want to.

3. Photos

Duplicate detection

With this feature, Photos identifies duplicate photos in Albums > Utilities so you can quickly clean up your library and save your iphone capacity

Lock Hidden and Recently Deleted albums

The Hidden and Recently Deleted albums are locked by default and can be unlocked using your iPhone authentication method: Face ID, Touch ID, or your passcode.

Copy and paste edits to Photo

Copy the edits you’ve made to a photo and paste them onto another photo — or a batch of photos help you save a lot of efforts.

Copy Screenshots to the Clipboard Without Saving

Most of the time, screenshots become worthless after a while, but they take up a huge chunk of your iPhone storage when we forget to delete them later. With iOS 16, there’s no need to save them on your device but you can copy them directly to Clipboard and use them right away.

4. Lock Screen

Lock screen seems to be the most focused features of ios 16 with its cool and brilliant personalized interface.

Lock Screen Gallery

For inspiration on how to make the Lock Screen your own, you can browse a gallery of many options, each with a unique backdrop, stylized view of the date and time, and information you can see at a glance based on your favorite.

Lock Screen editing and switching

It’s easy to customize the font, color, or placement of elements on your Lock Screen by tapping the element. Moreover, you can switch your Lock Screen throughout the day by touching and holding it, and then swiping.

Depth Effect on Your Lock Screen

This feature mainly focuses on the visual impact. If your lock screen wallpaper has an identifiable object—like a face, an animal, or a building, the iPhone will put it in front of the time clock. This feature creates a 3D approach to make your lock screen wallpaper pop out.



update ios 16

5. Battery Percentage

Apple removed the battery icon after releasing the iPhone X. Users had to swipe the right side down to check the status, which is super inconvenient. Since it was one of the most requested features for iOS, Apple decided to reintroduce it with a different look in iOs 16.

To activate the battery percentage in your status bar, navigate to Settings > Battery and toggle the Battery Percentage tab.

6. Multi-Stop Maps

Are you planning a trip with multiple stops along the way? Now you’ll be able to add up to 15 destinations en route and you’ll be directed from stop to stop.

7. Fitness App

Even if you don’t have an Apple Watch, now you can track and meet your fitness goals. Using iPhone motion sensors, your steps, distance, and third‑party workouts will give you an estimate of your calories to contribute to your daily Move goal.

There are plenty of smaller updates coming as part of the iOS update that is also worth mentioning. To explore those amazing new features, you should update your iPhone to ios 16 to experience it.


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How to update to ios 16?

how to update to ios 16

Similar to the usual things when you need to upgrade your ios, follow these steps:

1. Open the Settings
2. Select General > Software Update.
3. Tap Download and Install then enter your passcode.

Then all you need to do is wait for the iPhone to do the rest.

Updating new iOs not only helps you access new amazing features that Apple creates but is also advised to optimize your battery life. Bonna Mobile hopes that you found interesting and helpful tips and tricks for ios 16 through this article.

Should you have any problems updating your new ios or iPhone repair, contact us now to let us help you out!

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