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iPhone buttons not working? Top must-try things to help you!

iPhone buttons not working seems a small thing but can annoy us very much in our daily life. We’re sure any of us has ever been irritated by buttons like:

  • Can not turn off the phone due to the disabled power button
  • Volume up and down doesn’t work well when in urgent
  • Hit the home button a thousand times but still can’t get back to the home screen

Then why are your buttons not working? Check out some common reasons below and try out how to get it fixed!

1. Why are the mobile phone buttons not working?

not working iphone buttons

In most cases, the malfunctioning of your iPhone buttons comes from:

  • The phone buttons are blocked by the phone cases
  • The buttons are damaged or gripped by hitting with the hard stuff
  • The buttons are covered by dirt for a long time
  • There’s a problem with the software or hardware issue with your iPhone.

If your iPhone’s ever faced this issue, try applying our suggestions below to fix it by yourself in the fastest way possible.

2. How to fix your iPhone buttons not working

2.1. Clean the buttons

Buttons are the parts where dust clings around their loopholes and edges. Make sure you usually have your mobile cleaned, especially the buttons to prevent them from being covered.

1. Remove the case to see if it’s covering the buttons.
2. Check for debris or dirt around the button.
3. Use a microfiber cloth or a cotton swab dipped in a bit of rubbing alcohol or device-cleaning water.
4. Softly wipe it to clean the button
5. Wait till it’s dry before testing the button

After the cleaning, try pressing the button, if it works, congratulations on your phone. If not, there may be other issues with the software or hardware that you need to check by the following steps below.

2.2. Use the Assistive Touch

Restarting the iPhone is one of the easiest ways to see if the not working buttons are damaged by software or hardware issues. To do so, the Assistive Touch is where you need to access.

Go to Settings => Accessibility => Touch => Turn on Assistive Touch.

Then you’ll see the black button displayed on your screen. The Assistive Touch is a way to help you use your not working buttons’ functions while it’s not fixed. And helps to restart your iPhone.

2.3. Reset all Settings

One more reason for your iPhone not working buttons is that our iPhone may just need a Restoring! This is the most common problem with the home button lagging when there is a fault in the software or firmware.

Before restoring your device, make sure all data is backed up to either iCloud or iTunes since it erases all the data from your iPhone.

Go to Setting => General => Transfer or Reset iPhone => Erase All Contents and Settings => Restart the iPhone.

2.4. Bring to the Apple store or Repair shop

If doing the steps above doesn’t help, it means your iPhone needs deep checking, fixing or replacing by professionals.
If your device is under warranty, your best choice is to take it to the nearest Apple Store for repair. Otherwise, you’ll help to pay Apple or bring it to the other local repair shop for a cheaper repair fee.

It’s time for you to meet our experienced technicians at Bonna Mobile!
We help you resolve any issue you may be having with your mobile buttons including the home button, power button, volume button or silent switch button.

Forget the annoying feeling because of your iPhone not working buttons and contact us now to get your button replaced or repaired!


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