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Key things to know about iPhone camera on timer

When you want to take a group photo or solo shot on a self-trip but there’s no one around to ask for help, the iPhone camera on timer is a great tool. The built-in timer on your iPhone camera allows you to have an amount of time to take photos without trying to stuff everyone into a selfie. Here’s how to use the photo timer on your iPhone, find out with Bonna Mobile!

How the iPhone camera on timer works

Setting a timer on your iPhone camera automatically takes photos after a countdown, it’s a three or 10 seconds timer that you can choose to get ready.

The camera will snap a series of 10 burst photos to give the perfect shot – you can choose the ones to keep or delete.

Set an iPhone camera on timer

how to take 3d photos iphone

Depending on your iPhone model, there are two ways to find time on the camera app.

For iPhone X or earlier:

The timer icon is on the main screen so all you need to do is:

1. Open iPhone Camera.

2. Tap the Timer icon at the top

3. Select the timer duration

4. Tap the Shutter button and get in the shot

For iPhone Xs or later:

The timer is hidden inside shortcuts. Following the below steps to turn the timer on:

1. Open iPhone camera

2. Either swipe upwards or tap the arrow at the top to access shortcuts.

3. Tap the clock-like icon to access the timer.

4. Select the timer duration

5. Tap the Shutter button and get in the shot

To turn off the iPhone camera on timer, just repeat the above steps and select Off.

Tips for photography on iPhone timer

Choose the right timer

Use 3s for shooting landscapes or posing your selfie at a short distance. It allows you enough time to let go of the phone before it shutters.
10s is the best choice if you want to shoot photos that involve you in the picture. It gives you enough time to prepare and get in the frame in time.
Choose the option that you think is appropriate based on the situation to make sure the quality of the photos.

Pre-Focus Your Shot

Before turning on your iPhone photo timer, make sure you set up a focus point first. This really helps when you hurtle in the photo frame but the focus point bounces to other objects. Since you’ve fixed it in a position, it won’t follow your movements and focus on the wrong area.

1. Pick an area on the screen that you want in focus and tap it.
2. When a yellow line box appears, hold your finger for a few more seconds until it activates the AE/AF lock.
The AE/AF lock ensures the Automatic Exposure (AE) and Auto Focus (AE) don’t change when you shoot. So that it doesn’t jump for something to focus on before you take the picture.
3. Now set your timer and press the shutter to get in the photo.

Stabilize the Shot

Most of the time we use an iPhone timer camera when we need hands-free shooting. Therefore, to bring out the best photography even if it’s a landscape or portrait, a tripod is indispensable.

A tripod not only helps to stabilize the phone position but also flexibly adjusts the height and width of the photo frame compatible with photo objects.

Thus, make sure to firmly install your phone with the tripod, adjust it horizontally and vertically to the surface, then turn on your photo timer and get in the shoot!

Also, you can consider applying the camera lens to protect your iPhone camera from scratch

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How to pick your chosen photos in burst mode pictures

iPhone takes 10 pictures in burst mode when you enable the timer. However, the iPhone only shows one sample chosen by the app. To see all 10 pictures and choose your favorite, follow along:

1. Open the Photos app.

2. Tap the picture taken in burst mode.

3. Tap Select.

4. Swipe right or left and tap to select the best shots.

5. After selecting the required pictures, tap Done. You can either Keep Everything or Keep Only [quantity] Favorites.

Be noticed that selecting the second option will delete the remaining photos.

If you find it’s no need to use the burst mode, there’s one way to turn it off.

Turn off burst mode while using iPhone camera on timer

camera on timer

Since storing the 10 photos at once shot will take up a good space in your phone, you can use the Live Camera instead:

1. Open the Camera.

2. Tap the Live photos button next to the timer button.

3. Tap the Shutter button to take the photos. You have now turned on the Live Photos mode, which turns off the Burst mode.

That’s all it takes to use the iPhone camera on timer. Now you know how to use the camera timer on your iPhone and can take all the group photos without hesitation asking for help.

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