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10 iPhone tips and tricks you’ll wish to know earlier

With the more updated innovation after each new model, we’re sure not all of us will ever use our iPhone to its fullest. But don’t think that you never need those since our iPhone tips and tricks below might surprise you! This article of Bonna is a list of ways to make use of your iPhone faster, more convenient and more productive.

1. Setup iPhone's secret button

Have you ever thought that the iPhone logo at the backside is a button? Yes, it is, a hidden button.

The “Back Tap,” is a feature that lets you trigger anything you want to do on your phone instantly. You can set up your most urgently used feature such as turning on the flashlight, muting the iPhone, screenshotting or locking rotation.

To enable Back Tap and select what action takes place, go to Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Back Tap. Here you can choose what a double-tap and triple-tap do!

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2. Rearrange the home layout in Seconds

We usually have a habit to delete an app that is no longer used when running into it on the home screen or grouping the relevant apps for a fast search. But do you know we can do it by moving the whole screen without individual icons?

On the Home Screen, tap and hold the white dots along the bottom that represent the number of screens you have. The icons will jiggle for a moment and after a long press, you will see all your home screens. You can uncheck the ones you no longer want to see or you can move each rectangle around to reorder them. Moreover, you can also click the minute button to eliminate your unused apps at once.

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3. Hide Apps From the Home Screen

After the above step when you rearrange your home screen and click to delete an app, a dialog box will give you the option to Delete App or Remove From Home Screen. If you remove it from your home screen it will still appear in the App Library (swipe left until you reach your App Library). You can always search, press and hold on it, and add it back to a home screen later by selecting Add to Home Screen.

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4. Delete Duplicated Screenshots

While tapping on the Albums section in the Photos app and scrolling down to get to Hidden, you may have noticed other types of media that the app automatically separates out for you. Cleaning out old screenshots or screen recordings by tapping on those sections may be a simple way to free up more storage. It’s also a quick way to remove photos from cluttering up a library of memories.

5. Scroll Up to the Top of the Page with One Tap

Instead of flip-scrolling to get back to the top, you can simply touch the top of the screen to return to the top. Do this hassle-free way by tapping the top center of your screen right under the front camera. This tap will pull you back to the top in a second. Not only can you do this on web pages, but this feature works everywhere on your phone.

Also, if you’ve ever been jolted to the top of a website without knowing why, this may answer that question.

6. Screenshot an entire webpage

Sometimes we need to screenshot the whole screen to avoid cutting down the information. We can totally do it on our iPhone without downloading any screenshot app from App Store. To do so, take a screenshot as usual, you’ll see a white flash on the screen, and a thumbnail of the image will float to the bottom left. Click that thumbnail, and at the top of the screen, you will see an option to save the Screen or save the Full Page. Select the Full Page > Done > Save PDF to Files.

Later on, open Files to read it.

7. Pin a tab in Safari

The Safari app can let you open up to 500 tabs at once. But it’s kinda messy if you don’t usually clean them up. Eventually, there are some tabs you have opened times over times and it can annoy you that much. Try the Pin in your Safari!

Open Safari, press the button at the bottom right of the toolbar > Select the most usual tab you use > Press and hold it > In the contextual menu, select Pin Tab.

Not only can you pin multiple tabs, but you can also group them so that they are permanently open. Just repeat the same steps above, but after opening the chosen tab group.

8. Set up Focus Modes to Lock Screens

If you have updated to iOs 16, you must have tried its amazing iPhone tips and tricks including innovative lockscreen features. Apart from its beautiful interface, you can also link them to a specific Focus Mode. It means you can set up dedicated Lock Screen and ‌Home Screen‌ interfaces for your different modes like work, home, exercise, and more. Besides, you can easily switch to other modes by swiping or setting it to be activated at a specific time.

1. On the ‌iPhone‌’s Lock Screen, unlock with ‌Face ID‌ or ‌Touch ID‌.

2. Long press to get to the Lock Screen customization interface.

3. On your Lock Screen of choice, tap on “Focus.”

4. Choose one of your Focus modes to link it to the Lock Screen. If you need to create a new Focus or customize an existing Focus, tap on Focus settings at the bottom of the page.

In the Focus interface, tap on “+” or one of the existing Focus modes to change it up.

These are super useful if you want to separate work and life as well as cut down on distractions when studying, exercising, reading, meditating, and more. You can also set specific apps or Safari tab groups to be accessible.

9. Save your passwords and ask Siri for it

How do you often save your passwords? Write it down in your diary or save it in the Note app?

The iPhone does have the Password feature helping you to save all your passwords to any account and keep it private only authenticated by your face ID.

Whenever you need to log in, just say the phrase, “Hey Siri, show me my passwords”, it’ll take you to the Passwords & Accounts section and reveal your password.

To set up your passwords, navigate to Settings > Passwords > Click the plus button to start creating.

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10. Replace your household tool by the Measure app

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Forget the traditional way when you have to find a tapeline to measure some stuff or corners in your house. You can totally do it with a default app on your iPhone. Opening the Measure app will activate two tools: a digital level and a tape measure.

The app helps to gauge the size and dimensions of objects, show the angle at which a surface is crooked, and even take a measurement through the phone’s camera.

There’re also brilliant tips for IOS 16, check it out if you don’t want to miss it

As we’re all trying to afford a good new phone, it would be a regret if we don’t know and make the best use of it for our daily necessities. Bonna Mobile hopes that these iPhone tips and tricks have helped you have amazing findings.

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