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Best phone screen protector for your mobile phone

The phone’s screen is an essential, but fragile, part of your device. So to safeguard it from scratches, drops, and wear over time, investing in a quality phone screen protector is a smart move. But with so many options on the market, which is the best screen protector for you? Here are some tips and recommendations when shopping for a phone screen protector near me. Find out with Bonna Mobile!

1. Types of Phone Screen Protectors

There are various types of mobile phone screen protectors, but the main materials are tempered glass, nano liquid as well as plastics, such as polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU).

Tempered glass phone screen protector

Made of hardened and durable glass, these provide much higher impact and drop protection compared to plastic protectors. However, tempered glass screen protectors tend to be more expensive due to their stronger material. They can also be harder to apply without introducing air bubbles which can affect the touch sensitivity of your screen.

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Plastic screen protector

PET: Polyethylene terephthalate film is a thin and flexible plastic material. PET screen protectors are affordable and easy to apply but offer less protection compared to glass or liquid protectors. They are mainly effective against light scratches and offer the least amount of impact protection.

TPU: Thermoplastic polyurethane is a flexible plastic known for its elastic properties. TPU screen protectors are soft and resist fingerprints well. They offer decent protection against light scratches but are not as durable as glass or liquid protectors

Nano liquid protector

This is a liquid solution that is applied to the screen and then cured using UV or heat. It forms a transparent and protective coating that is resistant to scratches, smudges, and fingerprints. However, nano-liquid screen protectors can be more difficult to apply, cure and remove evenly.

In summary, there are trade-offs with each type of phone screen protector material. Tempered glass and nano liquid offer the highest level of protection but can be more fragile and difficult to apply. Plastic films like PET and TPU are affordable, easy to apply, and resist fingerprints well but offer less durable protection against scratches. The material you choose will depend on your priorities and budget. However, for the best protection, tempered glass is always our choice.

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2. What to Consider When Shopping for a Phone Screen Protector?

Of the above options, there are several factors to keep in mind when choosing the best phone screen protector for your needs:

  • Phone model – Make sure the protector is specifically designed to fit your phone’s dimensions and features like sensors, cameras and cutouts.
  • Purpose – Do you want maximum protection from drops or just scratch resistance? Plastic protectors are often a better option for scratch resistance alone while tempered glass provides the best drop protection.
  • Ease of installation – Consider how easy or hard it is when applying screen protector to phone, without bubbles or misalignment.
  • Touch sensitivity – Some screen protectors can affect your phone’s touchscreen responsiveness, so read reviews to find options that preserve touch sensitivity.
  • Durability – Look for screen protectors made with durable materials that are designed to last, not just provide a short-term fix.
  • Warranty – Some brands offer warranties and will replace or refund damaged protectors, providing peace of mind. This is a bonus point if you’re wondering between similar models.
  • Clarity – Higher clarity protectors should be practically invisible when installed, while lower clarity options may have a noticeable film or texture.

3. Recommendations for good phone screen protectors

X.One Extreme Shock Eliminator

Instead of glass, this type of screen protector is made of Nano Silicone with 5 layers composition, delivering excellent anti-shock functions. Some impressive functions of it are good impact dispersion, high fingerprint-resistant and easy-to-clean, ultra-durable stretch resistance, etc. Moreover, this screen protector brand offers various phone models to choose from Apple, Google Pixel, Samsung,…

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Otterbox Glass

Otterbox is a popular brand providing a wide range of products for smartphones in terms of screen protectors and phone cases. Its tempered glasses offer numerous options for different functions such as antimicrobial, blue light guard, glare & privacy guard. Most Otterbox screen protectors are ultra-durable, and scratch-resistant, as well as have advanced Antimicrobial Technology to keep it clean and safe from harmful microbes.

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PanzerGlass Phone Screen Protector

This is a cool and affordable option with high-level drop protection. Besides the capability of shock resistance, it has an antibacterial effect that reduces traces of fingerprints and kills up to 99.99% of all common surface bacteria. Moreover, PanzerGlass is well-known for its award-winning iPad screen protection with the model “Paper Feel”, recreating the texture of the paper while protecting your iPad. It’s tested and acknowledged by designers for all the good functions of doing creative work. PanzerGlass is worth trying especially if you’re using iPhone, Samsung and Google Pixel.

Overall, the best phone screen protector is one that provides the right level of protection and compatibility for your specific device and usage needs. By considering the factors outlined here and reading product reviews, you can find a high-quality screen protector to safeguard and prolong the life of your phone’s display. If you’re looking for the official screen protectors listed above or a cracked screen repair service, contact Bonna Mobile for instant assistance now!

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