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Replace Samsung battery: DIY or hire a pro? What to know?

The lifespan of batteries is affected by your charging habit and also the age of use. If you find your Samsung battery degrades noticeably, check out our article to have an in-time solution for your phone. Here you can have a look at your Samsung battery deterioration, when, how, and how much to replace it. Explore with Bonna Mobile!

Signs of Battery Deterioration

Generally, signs of battery deterioration include drastic decreases in battery life and sudden shutdowns. According to Samsung, the shutdowns were made because of these reasons:

Electrochemical Deterioration of the Battery: These events occur after repetitive battery use of highly demanding apps such as gaming and camera apps. High levels of deterioration could cause a drop in performance and decreased response times, thereby resulting in the device shutting down in order to preserve the electrical components.

Shutdown Due to the Usage Environment: An extremely cold environment may cause a greater drop in voltage. In this case, the device will shut down to protect its components. This can occur depending on the level of deterioration.

When to Replace the battery

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If you are regularly experiencing unexpected shutdowns, and drastic decreases in the battery while the screen is displaying plenty of battery, it seems that your Samsung battery needs to be checked and replaced.

However, to make sure of this before you start, Samsung has one solution to check your battery health on your own device.

1. Open the Samsung Members app

2. Select Get Help

3. Navigate to Phone Care

4. Check your battery health through Automatic or Interactive Checks

After checking and having advice from Samsung, you can decide the next steps whether to replace a new battery or not.


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How much does a Samsung battery replacement cost?

If your phone is still within warranty, your battery replacement will be absolutely free.

In contrast, if your device is out of warranty, you might have to pay an excess fee to have a new Samsung battery.

Samsung doesn’t publish how much battery replacements cost but the price is dependent on the age of the product and its model. The newer, the more expensive. The cost of a battery replacement by Samsung is approximately $70-$100.

Should you replace the Samsung battery on your own?

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With the Galaxy S to Galaxy S5, it’s easy to replace your own battery because of its easy-to-open design. Simply remove the back cover by sliding a fingernail into the seam and gently pulling it back. You can then replace the old battery with the new one and install the cover back on.

However, with the Galaxy S6 and later models, it’s more difficult to replace a battery since they do not have removable back covers. All devices have an enclosed battery, which means that you’ll need to open up the whole phone in order to replace the battery.

This involves a lot of effort and carefulness as well as the required tools to make this work. The process includes complex steps such as heating the rear glass to soften the adhesive, separating the rear glass from the frame, and disconnecting various cables and screws,…

This risky action may result in additional damage you might be unable to repair, which makes you pay more for repair than if you had paid for repair service.

If you’re not tech-savvy and experienced with electrical components, we recommend you not to try to do it by yourself. Otherwise, leave battery replacement to the experts to do so.


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Where can I get my Samsung battery replaced?

There are two choices when it comes to Samsung battery replacement:

1. Go directly to Samsung
2. Find a third-party repairer

As mentioned above, going to Samsung stores may help you get the battery replacement done for free under the right circumstances and be guaranteed by Samsung genuine products. However, the cost might be high if your iPhone is not under insurance any longer.

A third-party repairer can help you to get a replacement for a cheaper price. Pay attention to research and choose trustworthy phone repair shops for the best quality products.

Check the prices and compare the repair shop’s competitors before you try them out!

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