Terms and conditions


  1. What Our Warranty Covers – warranty applies when the exact same fault occurs or the replaced component fails within 90 days of receipt of repair, with the exception of screen broken, physical and/or liquid damages on the device (mobile phones/tablets/iPod touch).
  2. BONNA Mobile takes no responsibility for any damage that cannot be check before the repair.
  3. BONNA Mobile takes no responsibility for any scratches, dusts, liquid corrosions &/or dent(s) appeared in/on the device, missing part(s)/screw(s)/sim tray &/or bent/curve device.
  4. Customer shall be aware that the devices brought in are already in a faulty state and require to be repaired or serviced to rectify the problem(s). Although it is unlikely, in some unforseen cases, internal hardware of the device may deteriorate due to the initial fault during the repair process and later become noticeable. Therefore BONNA Mobile will NOT be held responsible for any unexpected faults that occur during the repairing process and/or after the devices being collected by customers.
  5. It is the customer’s responsibility to check your devices properly and completely at the time of collection and payment. BONNA Mobile will only provide warranty and be responsible for the reported fault on the repair form. BONNA Mobile takes no responsibility for any devices that are bent after customer have collected the device(s).
  6. Any timeframes given for the completion of the Repairs Services are estimates only and although we will do our best to adhere to such estimated time frames, we will not be liable for any delays in the completion of the Repairs Services.
  7. BONNA Mobile takes no responsibility for any lost sim or memory cards. It is the customer’s responsibility to remove all sim cards and memory cards prior to booking the device repair service.
  8. Any devices found bent before or after the repair service [eg when customer reported fault(s) during 90 days warranty], due to the device is bent & new screen is straight, there will be friction against each other causing damage to the internal hardware.
  9. A service fee will be charged if customer demands a refund after the repair service (during the 90 days warranty). However, replacement part(s) must be in good condition for a refund.
  10. As we are a non-warranty repair centre, your manufacturers’ warranty may be voided. BONNA Mobile will not be responsible for any possible voided warranty the customer has with the manufacturer. Please enquire with one of our staff/technicians if you have any concerns regarding this matter.
  11. Liquid Damaged: We do not provide any warranty for liquid damaged devices.
  12. Settings And Data: some or all of the user software settings and stored data in the devices may be lost during the assessment, diagnosis and repair process. It may not be possible to recover the settings or data. Please ensure that you have saved all settings and data elsewhere prior to repair. BONNA MOBILE – Repair Service accepts no responsibility for such losses.
  13. The Warranty Is Void: after receipt of repair if any other party attempts repairs on the device. Labour charges may also apply for any cancellation or reversal of repairs after confirmation to proceed with repairs has been given.
  14. All completed repairs MUST be picked up within 30 days of completion.
  15. BONNA Mobile reserves the right to recycle or dispose of any unit as it sees fit after 90 days of competed repair, to recoup the cost associated with the repair.
  16. Rest assured that you shouldn’t lose any data during our repair process. However, it’s always advisable to back up your data if possible