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Why is my phone battery draining so fast? 10 reasons to pay attention!

Has it seemed like your phone’s battery life has taken a nosedive lately? Many smartphone users experience their device’s battery draining much quicker than before. There are a variety of factors contributing to accelerated battery drain. If you’re wondering “Why is my phone battery draining so fast”, let’s take a closer look at some common causes of fast battery drain and how to improve it with Bonna Mobile.

Why is my phone battery draining so fast?

Whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android, your phone battery drains quickly due to some issues. They can be related to hardware degradation over time as well as software settings and habits.

Old Battery Age

Most smartphone brands including Samsung, iPhone, Nokia, etc. are using lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries naturally lose capacity the more they are charged over years of use. After 500 full charge cycles (two years for most users), batteries may only retain 80% of their original capacity. Older batteries simply can’t hold as much juice.

Background App Refresh

When enabled, iOS constantly updates apps running in the background which constantly pulls power. If you set it running for a long time without need, your battery will drain considerably. To prevent this, consider disabling background app refresh for apps you don’t need constant updates from.

Location Services

Apps frequently pinging your location eat away at battery life. Review which apps have location permissions enabled and disable access for those you don’t wish to continually track you.

phone battery drains quickly

Low Storage

Phones use more power to manage storage as space runs low by deleting cache files and optimizing memory. The lower the storage it has, the more battery it consumes. Try to keep a few gigabytes free on your iPhone at all times.

Cellular/Wifi Connectivity

Weak cellular signals force iPhones to power at maximum strength to maintain calls/data, using lots of battery in the process. Toggle on low-power mode or switch to Wi-Fi when possible. Turning off the cellular or wifi connection when not in use is also recommended to save your battery life.

Social/gaming apps

Frequent social media or gaming sessions hammer the iPhone’s battery. Limit notification badges, auto-play videos, and reduce in-game graphic quality settings when possible.


Rogue apps or files quietly running in the background from infected software impose a heavy toll. Not only the battery, but the software parts of your mobile phone can also be affected. Keep your device protected with a reliable antivirus scanner.

High Brightness

A bright screen eats battery faster than you imagine. If not needed, lower your display brightness settings when ambient lighting permits or use auto-adjust features.

Outdated OS

One of the reasons for “Why is my phone battery draining so fast” is the outdated operating system. An old Android or iOS version isn’t optimized for newer hardware. It’s also recommended by the brands that updating to the newer OS helps to optimize your battery life. Make sure to install all available operating systems and security updates.


Prolonged high device temperatures degrade batteries quicker over time. Avoid GPU-heavy tasks like gaming on hot days without cooling. Also, move your phone to another ambient temperature space to limit the heat from direct sunlight.

Do car phone chargers drain battery?

It will not affect much if you use it from time to time and only charge when your device is out of battery. After your phone is completely charged, continuing to charge it with your car charger can gradually shorten the longevity of your phone’s battery. Instead of that, unplug your phone when it’s almost fully charged to protect the battery. Avoid leaving your iPhone or Android plugged in longer than necessary to avoid significantly reducing battery life.

do car phone chargers drain battery

Do smartwatches drain phone battery?

Smartwatches connect with their paired phones via Bluetooth and that means it technically drains the phone battery. However, the Bluetooth itself doesn’t require a lot of power that much. In other aspects, the watch gives you another screen to check and thus distributes the power. Since we don’t have to unlock and turn on the phone for every notification we get and we can deal with it on the watch itself already, the percentage of degradation that a smartwatch can cause is trivial.

Additional Tips to Improve Phone Battery Life

When you’ve already figured out the potential reasons for making your battery drains quickly, try applying the following solutions to save it as much as possible.

  • Reboot the phone periodically to clear cache/memory
  • Adjust lock screen settings to dim the screen faster
  • Turn on battery saving mode if available
  • Update to the latest iOS/Android version
  • Only fast charge when necessary
  • Revive battery by fully draining and then charging to 100%
  • Replace the battery if extremely old for the best longevity

We hope that this article has helped you with the question “Why is my phone battery draining so fast?”. By tweaking software settings, checking for hardware degradation issues, and optimizing your routines, you can regain control over erratic battery drain. If the above tips can’t help, contact Bonna Mobile to let our professionals troubleshoot your phone battery now.

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