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Best wireless phone charging for iPhone and Samsung

Wireless phone charging has become incredibly popular in recent years as a convenient way to power up our devices without cables. Both iPhone and Samsung devices now support this technology natively, opening up a whole new world of chargers to choose from. But with so many options on the market, how do you know which wireless charger is best for your needs? And is wireless charging bad for your phone? In this blog post, Bonna Mobile will break down the pros and cons of wireless phone charging and make some recommendations for the top brands.

Pros and Cons of Wireless Phone Charging

Like charging with cables, wireless charging phones can have different pros and cons while using. Find them out below!

Pros of Wireless Charging

Convenient – Being able to charge your phone just by placing it on a pad is way more convenient than fiddling with cables. No more hunting for ports in the dark.

Clean & aesthetic – Wireless chargers result in a much tidier-looking desk or nightstand without cables trailing everywhere. Great for minimalist setups.

Less wear and tear – The lack of repeatedly plugging/unplugging cables is less stressful on charging ports which can loosen over time with regular use. This extends the lifespan of your device.

Universal compatibility – Many quality chargers now support both iPhone and Samsung so you don’t need to worry whether there are phones with wireless charging or not. You only need one unit to juice up multiple devices.

wireless phone charging

Cons of Wireless Charging

Slower charging – While quick charge standards have reduced the gap, wireless phone charging is still typically slower than a wired connection. It may not be suitable for times you need to top up fast.

Increased cost – Wireless chargers tend to cost more upfront than a regular cable. You’re paying a premium for added convenience.

Imprecise placement – Your phone must be placed very carefully in the charging region or it may not charge at all. Not as foolproof as plugging a cable in.

Heating issues – The inductive charging process can cause phones to run slightly warmer which some worry may degrade batteries more quickly over long-term use.

However, the small risks are not trivial and are considered to be safe if you use reputable brands. Now let’s look at some of the best wireless chargers on the market.

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Best wireless phone charging

Do you need to consider what phones have wireless charging? Barely not! There are a lot of products applicable for Samsung phones with wireless charging currently, so are the Apple devices.

  • Anker PowerWave Pad – A very affordable and reliable option. Applicable for current iPhones and most Samsung Galaxies. Sleek design with multi-protective features like over-voltage protection. Anti-slip silicone rings on the top and bottom help keep your phone in the sweet spot.
  • Belkin 2-in-1 Wireless Charger Stand – For Apple users, Belkin makes some of the most trusted MFi-certified accessories. This stand delivers iPhone and AirPods fast wireless charging up to 15W. It’s compatible with official MagSafe cases that help your device charge in any orientation.
  • Samsung Wireless Charger Stand (iOS Fast Charge Compatible) – As the manufacturer that brought wireless charging to the mainstream, Samsung makes some outstanding chargers of their own. This option offers both fast wireless charging for Samsung well as some selected Apple devices. Moreover, it can also wirelessly charge your device in either portrait or landscape mode.
  • iQuick Multi Functions 4-in-1 Wireless Charger – Applicable for series iPhone/Android/Airpods/Apple Watch. Support MagSafe and 15W Fast Charging. LED Ambient Light with 3 levels, turn on the light with one touch. The large and smart design brings you efficient and stable charging.
  • EFM Flux 4-in-1 Charging Dock – Allows you to charge up to four Apple devices at once. Integrated night light indicator based on power status. Ensure safety including foreign object detection features, you can charge your devices with ease and confidence.
  • Mophie Wireless Charging Pad – Deliver iPhone fast charging with 50 percent faster than a standard charger with up to 7.5W. The charging mat securely holds your phone and keeps it aligned while charging. Keep your phone safe with overcharge protection and foreign object detection.
phones with wireless charging

In summary, wireless charging has become an indispensable convenience for modern smartphones. While it may be marginally slower and pricier than wired charging initially, the ease of use, longevity benefits, and universal compatibility make it well worth adopting – especially if you choose from a reputable brand. Should you find official wireless phone charging products in Melbourne, visit Bonna Mobile to shop now at an affordable price.

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