Phone Screen Repairs

Phone Screen Repairs

Phone Screen Repairs


Using a phone screen with issues may irritate your experience. Bonna Mobile has the go-to team you can count on for professional and efficient repairs. We offer same-day screen repairs with the best quality. It’s time to renew your mobile!

Cracked Screen Repair

Depending on the severity of the cracked screen of your phone, its effect will be different. However, it all leads to the only solution which is to replace it


  • Loose shards of glass are very dangerous for your face and fingers.
  • Cracks can also expose your phone to environmental debris and toxins. Over time, this can affect the device’s functionality and usability.
  • Cracked screens can damage the backlight, cause inconsistent pressure points, and create dead spots and discoloration.
  • It can leave your phone more vulnerable to moisture which even cause more serious damage to your phone.

Touchscreen Not Working Repair

Whether you’re dealing with shattered glass, touch sensitivity issues, or display abnormalities, we have the expertise to tackle any problem.

Apart from crack screen issues, these are the common touchscreen issues that we can help with:


  • Unresponsive screen
  • Discoloration or discolored pixels
  • Uneven lighting or brightness
  • Stuck pixels
iPhone Screen Repair



Repair time 30mins
Accessories Premium Part

At Bonna, we offer wide range of iPhone screen repairs:

The iPhone screen rarely has touchscreen errors but is a vulnerable accessory that easily gets cracked. At Bonna, we offer top-notch iPhone screen repair service, where we provide professional solutions for all your iPhone screen issues

Samsung Screen Repair



Repair time 1 hour
Accessories Premium Part

At Bonna, we offer wide range of Samsung screen repairs:

Whether you’re dealing with broken glass, unresponsive touch functions, or display issues, we have the expertise to solve any problem efficiently. Trust us to deliver exceptional results and get your Samsung screen to work again

Google Screen Repair



Repair time 1 hour
Accessories Premium Part

At Bonna, we offer wide range of Google screen repairs:

Similar to other mobile brands, the Google Pixel screen is prone to shattering, posing a risk of injury to your fingertips. If your screen remains intact but the touchscreen malfunctions, our skilled technicians are available to resolve the issue

Why trust us for screen repairs?

You can find hundreds of screen repair shops nearby but not all of them are qualified enough.

At Bonna Mobile, we offer the best screen repair service with professional technicians:

Get it fixed fast

We can fix your phone’s issues fast, with most repairs done in 30 minutes or less.

Repair warranty

We offer the most reliable warranty on the market with 90 days warranty

Affordable options

We offer the most affordable pricing, so breaking your phone won’t break the bank.

Convenient repairs

You may be eligible to have an expert repair your device at the store, at your home, at your office, or by mail.

Payment method: Cash, bank transfer, Eftpos

Our store address: Kiosk 001, Victoria Gardens Shopping Centre, 620 Victoria Street, Richmond, Melbourne, VIC, 3121, Australia